The ultimate relaxation

The 21st century has brought us a lot of new advantages and a limitless amount of ways to keep us occupied. That causes a lot of stress and anxiety, but on the other hand, there are also many ways one can take a break and relax. What many people do, however, is deny themselves the much-deserved time off. Some people even seem to have forgotten how to escape the hectic world we live in nowadays, often at the expense of their mental health. Because even though we know many ways of relaxation, such as meditation, exercise, journaling, and so on, it doesn´t seem to be enough.


The good news is that there is one rather unconventional form of relaxation that no one talks about. This extraordinary kind of relaxation is called a tantric massage. You might think to yourself that after you have tried so many types of massages, how can this one be so special? Well, this massage is not offered by any ordinary salon because unlike other kinds of massages a tantric massage includes the intimate parts as well.
Whether you`ve tried something like this before or you feel a bit shy, but want to give it a try, tantric massage is an unforgettable experience.

masážny salón

The only thing you need to worry about is your reservation where you choose a program and a masseuse. This massage is not only about physical but also about spiritual relaxation. It aims to help you release your sexual energy, and ultimately make you feel relieved.
There are no special preparations needed beforehand. Upon your arrival at the salon, you will be asked to take a shower followed by a namaste ritual. During this ritual, you will honor your body and mentally prepare for the experience awaiting you. What happens next is based on the program you chose at the reservation. Various programs also include a couples tantra massage which you can experience along with your partner or a massage called „four hands“ where two masseuses will take care of you simultaneously.